Corporate #Convention at #TheCuvierClub!

This week we catered a NetSapiens  week long convention. We produced daily buffet’s featuring entrees like: grilled chicken, pork sliders, Alfredo pasta, and pasta salad. For dessert we severed walnut and chocolate chip cookies and double fudge brownies. Crisp! Events can cater small intimate dinners to huge corporate conventions and everything in-between! We are excited to cater your next event!

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Brittney & Daniel’s Wedding

Keeping it real, following the basics makes for a great wedding day recipe.  Brittney and Daniel kept their wedding very simple and real and focused on the love and the love of their friends and family.  I worked with an outside coordinator who was just ever so pleasant and a pleasure to work with.  Being that I am a event planner, which is also a wedding coordinator, I will always respect any outside coordinator that a couple has chosen.  It is sometimes hard for me to take a second seat to the event and let someone else take the reigns. But, I always do until guidance is sought after or where I think I can help a situation for the best.  It is always great to have great minds meet and put their ideas into motion.  As they say, two heads are better than one.  Where I saw that some improvement could be made, I presented my ideas and the other coordinator welcomed everything with open arms.  We were both there to make the wedding the best possible and the Crisp Catering design staff was their to help in every way.  The Crisp staff will always give more than 100% to everyone that walks in that door or anywhere we are providing service.  With Crisp Catering don’t expect anything less than perfect.  Our goal is to make everyone feel special and welcomed and with outstanding customer service.  We are a well trained staff and execute everything to perfection.  If there is a problem, we will find a solution to have a great outcome.

Brittney and Daniel had an incredible wedding on Saturday, July 14, 2012.  140 of their closet friends and family came to celebrate the union of the love with great Italian food, upbeat music, and an incredible first dance.  Their centerpieces were delicious because the were from Edible Arrangements.  It gave great color, fresh fruit fragrance, and a great dessert for the table.  They also had a delicious dessert table with chocolate dipped pretzels, s’mores on a stick, and cake pops.  But let me tell you what was the biggest hit of the evening.  It was the delicious hand made vegetarian and meat Italian lasagna with a savory marinara sauce that the chefs from the Crisp Catering made and a crisp fresh caesar salad with fresh shaved parmesan and croutons to accompany the gourmet meal.  There was not a plate that wasn’t cleaned off by the guests.  Not a morsel of food came back and every dish was empty.  All I could hear as I checked on the guest and walking around is how delicious the lasagna was and that it was the best meal that they have had in a long time at a wedding.  Go team Crisp!  We are here to make everyone welcomed and to have a great experience.

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Check out what Brandon had to say about Crisp Catering!

On behalf of Crisp! Catering & Event Design, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BIG DAY!

We very much appreciate your confidence, and in an effort to continually improve our customer communications, event production skills, and sales presentation skills, we would like to ask for a moment of your time to complete our client approval survey.

  • Client Name:  Brendon
  • Event Date: 6/8/12
  • Venue: lido condo complex


On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, please rate the following questions:

Event Captain: Jaime Soto Jr

1)    Your Captain’s communication skills? 9

2)    Your Captain’s attention to detail? 9

3)    Your overall experience with your event Captain?  10

4)    The service level of your event staff (specifically servers/bartenders)? 9

5)    The appearance and cleanliness of your service staff (specifically servers/bartenders)? 9

6)    Would you recommend your Event Captain? YES

***Please list any additional comments***

Jaime was great.  We were very lucky to have him working for us and did a great job balancing the demands of a bride/groom and the parents of the bride groom and the crazy event planner who was assigned to the Hilton for our wedding.  I would highly recommend him.

Dining Experience:

1)    How would rate the level of your gourmet cuisine based on your expectations?

  • Appetizers   10
  • Salad 9
  • Dinner 9
  • Dessert 10



1)    What would you rate your overall experience with our company? 10


2)    Would you refer us to another bride/groom/client?     YES !!!


Wedding Favors

In keeping with tradition, I am often asked by brides and grooms what to buy as wedding favors for their guests. It can be difficult to find something unique and personalized without adding another large expense to the already mounting wedding budget. Here are some ideas guaranteed to please your guests without breaking the bank:

Gifting a Centerpiece is a great way to build rapport between yourself and your guests
• Give away the centerpieces: Tie a small ribbon (or other special marker) to one chair at each table to denote the lucky recipient. The centerpieces have already been paid for and now some lucky guests have a great floral display for their home!

• Expand upon a common thread in your relationship: One of my couples shared a passion for ice cream, so gifted an ice cream scoop for each guest. Another couple gave scarves, handmade from their village in Tanzania, to all their female guests.

• If it’s in your budget, rent a photo booth or hire an artist to make caricatures for your guests. This always excites guests and adds another level of entertainment to the reception. You can even buy small frames to house those memorable keepsakes.

• Instead of going with the traditional wedding cake, opt for a candy station and have your guests create their own bag of treats to take home.

• Make a donation to your favorite charity on behalf of your guests, in lieu of a traditional wedding favor.

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Dinner is Served

The quality of food and service for your event is essential. After customizing your menu, the time comes to make a decision on how dinner service is to be executed and there are several options. Let’s touch the three most popular.

A presented Buffet is just one of many options for serving your food up.

Stationed service has by far become a front runner when planning an event. It usually gives guests the opportunity to sample a variety of different types of cuisine and return, if they want, for more. I recommend a three station minimum. One of these can certainly be your salad course, which if on a budget, can minimize your expense. Guests will be dismissed table by table and can try one station and then come back or just hit them all at once.  Note that with stationed service, you will require one chef per station to execute it properly and one server per 18 guests. Service time ranges based on the number of stations but expect this to take more time overall so plan for it in your timeline.Our Chef prepping a plate

We also have a presented buffet. The presented buffet is a nice middle option that will get your guests up and moving and yet still offer a nice level of service. Guests are dismissed table by table and arrive at the buffet table. They are greeted by a server who informs your guests about the menu. The buffet is manned by our chef & service staff and can be decorated to bring your event design to the buffet table. Each plate is created by the chef to ensure aesthetic continuity and keep service performance up.  Most clients opt for a dual-entree as 90% of their guests want to try everything. Should someone opt out of one protein (fish, beef, or chicken), they are offered a larger portion of their choice.  Having a presented buffet in place of a traditional buffet certainly increases efficiency and lowers your food cost. Plan for one Server per 18 Guests. This type of service can accommodate your guests in approximately 13 minutes per 100 Guests.

Salad ready for pick up by guests as they head to the salad station.

A seated service is a nice way to raise the service level for your guests and put an elegant touch on your evening. It typically will not raise the price save the fact you will need more service staff to execute efficiently. Plan to have one server per 15 guests as a rule. Seated service can take 13 minutes per 100 Guests pending your entree choices. Should you opt to offer your guests a dual entree, 13 minutes. If you opt to offer them the choice of entree, bare in mind you will have more leg-work calculating how many of each you require. Also, inevitably, guests move which could slow service. One trick that works well to alleviate this is to color code their name cards. I reccommend this over small stuck-on indicators because as the lights dim, decoding them can slow efficiency. Regardless of your desired service, know that you will be in great hands.


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Crisp is the Right Choice

There is much Crisp can do to make your wedding or special party a seamless event. We offer a wide variety of tasty selections perfect for those on a budget. Crisp can deliver a full service wedding or provide just the buffet for the reception and when we do have that opportunity we consistently bring the best and you can expect top grade honest service, and quality food prepared to your specifics. We are experienced professionals when it comes to hosting formal and informal functions of any sort. We don’t stop there. We are absolutely comfortable hosting personal events and holiday parties. Beyond the in-house catering we provide, we are open to orders and drop offs, where your food would be brought to you on site to use at your discretion (or should I say your appetite). We only accept complete satisfaction when it comes to our business, even with simple drop-off luncheons.

Contact us! For a free consultation from one of our dedicated sales team members and start a custom estimate for your own unique needs and budget. They will work with you, step by step, and they will always be there to assist you, whether with answers or with any and all of your coordination needs. Ask about arranging a complimentary private dinner consisting of your selected menu options in our tasting salon with your sales person and our Executive Chef. You can find us on the other end of this line, (888) 254-7819 or e-mail us at

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