Keeping it real, following the basics makes for a great wedding day recipe.  Brittney and Daniel kept their wedding very simple and real and focused on the love and the love of their friends and family.  I worked with an outside coordinator who was just ever so pleasant and a pleasure to work with.  Being that I am a event planner, which is also a wedding coordinator, I will always respect any outside coordinator that a couple has chosen.  It is sometimes hard for me to take a second seat to the event and let someone else take the reigns. But, I always do until guidance is sought after or where I think I can help a situation for the best.  It is always great to have great minds meet and put their ideas into motion.  As they say, two heads are better than one.  Where I saw that some improvement could be made, I presented my ideas and the other coordinator welcomed everything with open arms.  We were both there to make the wedding the best possible and the Crisp Catering design staff was their to help in every way.  The Crisp staff will always give more than 100% to everyone that walks in that door or anywhere we are providing service.  With Crisp Catering don’t expect anything less than perfect.  Our goal is to make everyone feel special and welcomed and with outstanding customer service.  We are a well trained staff and execute everything to perfection.  If there is a problem, we will find a solution to have a great outcome.

Brittney and Daniel had an incredible wedding on Saturday, July 14, 2012.  140 of their closet friends and family came to celebrate the union of the love with great Italian food, upbeat music, and an incredible first dance.  Their centerpieces were delicious because the were from Edible Arrangements.  It gave great color, fresh fruit fragrance, and a great dessert for the table.  They also had a delicious dessert table with chocolate dipped pretzels, s’mores on a stick, and cake pops.  But let me tell you what was the biggest hit of the evening.  It was the delicious hand made vegetarian and meat Italian lasagna with a savory marinara sauce that the chefs from the Crisp Catering made and a crisp fresh caesar salad with fresh shaved parmesan and croutons to accompany the gourmet meal.  There was not a plate that wasn’t cleaned off by the guests.  Not a morsel of food came back and every dish was empty.  All I could hear as I checked on the guest and walking around is how delicious the lasagna was and that it was the best meal that they have had in a long time at a wedding.  Go team Crisp!  We are here to make everyone welcomed and to have a great experience.