On behalf of Crisp! Catering & Event Design, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BIG DAY!

We very much appreciate your confidence, and in an effort to continually improve our customer communications, event production skills, and sales presentation skills, we would like to ask for a moment of your time to complete our client approval survey.

  • Client Name:  Brendon
  • Event Date: 6/8/12
  • Venue: lido condo complex


On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, please rate the following questions:

Event Captain: Jaime Soto Jr

1)    Your Captain’s communication skills? 9

2)    Your Captain’s attention to detail? 9

3)    Your overall experience with your event Captain?  10

4)    The service level of your event staff (specifically servers/bartenders)? 9

5)    The appearance and cleanliness of your service staff (specifically servers/bartenders)? 9

6)    Would you recommend your Event Captain? YES

***Please list any additional comments***

Jaime was great.  We were very lucky to have him working for us and did a great job balancing the demands of a bride/groom and the parents of the bride groom and the crazy event planner who was assigned to the Hilton for our wedding.  I would highly recommend him.

Dining Experience:

1)    How would rate the level of your gourmet cuisine based on your expectations?

  • Appetizers   10
  • Salad 9
  • Dinner 9
  • Dessert 10



1)    What would you rate your overall experience with our company? 10


2)    Would you refer us to another bride/groom/client?     YES !!!