Crisp Summer SaladThe Walls wed on the first of October, while under the cyan skies in the Cuvier Club’s bougainvillea garden. The crowd amassed to watch the couple take that final step, say “I do” and then seal it with a kiss. Smiles erupted not just the brides and grooms pursing lips but on every face, cheers rang, and wine glasses chimed.

After all the cheers died down and the tears dried everyone was ready to fill Lemon Herb Chickenup on the savory meal waiting for them inside. A chef attended traditionally served buffet, with choice of a salad, two entrees and two sides. Not just any salad, entree, or sides: the salad was our signature Crisp Summer Salad – consisting of mixed greens, caramelized walnuts, feta cheese, dried cranberries and a raspberry vinaigrette, The Lemon Herb Chicken – a grilled chicken breast in a lemon citrus sauce with fresh herbs, a tri-tip – served with a white wine butter sauce, the sides – roasted garlic and herb mashed potatoes and grilled roasted vegetables.

During or after dinner guests were free to partake from the many drink choices at the open bar – wine, beer, and champagne – and also at liberty to pick a glass from our martini tree. The reception room was complete with hanging pom poms and paper lanterns, table pieces, and beautiful people – bringing a fullness to the room; but it were the people who brought it to the dance floor. When the dancing died down and everyone was feeling the tug of night, the merry couple went off alone two start a new life together, whether it was just their union or a new one on the way we may well never know.