There is much Crisp can do to make your wedding or special party a seamless event. We offer a wide variety of tasty selections perfect for those on a budget. Crisp can deliver a full service wedding or provide just the buffet for the reception and when we do have that opportunity we consistently bring the best and you can expect top grade honest service, and quality food prepared to your specifics. We are experienced professionals when it comes to hosting formal and informal functions of any sort. We don’t stop there. We are absolutely comfortable hosting personal events and holiday parties. Beyond the in-house catering we provide, we are open to orders and drop offs, where your food would be brought to you on site to use at your discretion (or should I say your appetite). We only accept complete satisfaction when it comes to our business, even with simple drop-off luncheons.

Contact us! For a free consultation from one of our dedicated sales team members and start a custom estimate for your own unique needs and budget. They will work with you, step by step, and they will always be there to assist you, whether with answers or with any and all of your coordination needs. Ask about arranging a complimentary private dinner consisting of your selected menu options in our tasting salon with your sales person and our Executive Chef. You can find us on the other end of this line, (888) 254-7819 or e-mail us at