In keeping with tradition, I am often asked by brides and grooms what to buy as wedding favors for their guests. It can be difficult to find something unique and personalized without adding another large expense to the already mounting wedding budget. Here are some ideas guaranteed to please your guests without breaking the bank:

Gifting a Centerpiece is a great way to build rapport between yourself and your guests
• Give away the centerpieces: Tie a small ribbon (or other special marker) to one chair at each table to denote the lucky recipient. The centerpieces have already been paid for and now some lucky guests have a great floral display for their home!

• Expand upon a common thread in your relationship: One of my couples shared a passion for ice cream, so gifted an ice cream scoop for each guest. Another couple gave scarves, handmade from their village in Tanzania, to all their female guests.

• If it’s in your budget, rent a photo booth or hire an artist to make caricatures for your guests. This always excites guests and adds another level of entertainment to the reception. You can even buy small frames to house those memorable keepsakes.

• Instead of going with the traditional wedding cake, opt for a candy station and have your guests create their own bag of treats to take home.

• Make a donation to your favorite charity on behalf of your guests, in lieu of a traditional wedding favor.